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Company desires to use the services of MSI Investigations (MSI) at prices established from time to time by MSI.

MSI shall fulfill Company's pre-employment screening requests and provide telephone or fax reports of findings in an expeditious manner. Telephoned reports shall be confirmed by mail on the same day as telephoned.

MSI shall invoice Company at regular semi-monthly or monthly intervals for services provided. Invoices shall be itemized, identifying applicants and services provided. Invoices shall be due ten days after receipt and are payable at MSI's offices in West Lebanon, NH.

MSI shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws while obtaining information for applicant reports provided to Company, shall exercise reasonable caution to maximize the accuracy of all reports, shall investigate any disputed information at no charge to Company, and shall take any reasonable corrective action with the applicant and the Company. MSI obtains information from fallible sources (human and otherwise), and Company agrees that for the fee charged, MSI cannot insure or guarantee the sources of information provided. MSI shall not be liable to Company for any loss or expense suffered by Company resulting directly or indirectly from such services or information.

In accord with Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Company affirms that it intends to use the information provided by MSI for employment purposes and shall pre-notify an applicant that a background search may be conducted. Prior to taking any adverse action as a result of a MSI report, Company shall provide to applicant a copy of the consumer report which caused such adverse action; MSI's name, address, and telephone number; a statement that MSI did not make the decision to take the adverse action and is unable to provide specific reasons why the action was taken; and a copy of the applicant's rights under FCRA.

The reports obtained from MSI must be kept confidential and must only be used for employment purposes by persons whose duties require them to participate in the employment decision-making process.

The validity of this agreement and any of its terms or provisions shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New Hampshire.

The undersigned parties understand and agree that this document constitutes all conditions of service and reporting. No changes in these conditions may be made except by mutual consent, in writing, of an officer of Company and an officer of MSI.

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Fax to MSI Investigations at: 603-298-6080