Drivers Records Compliance Requirements Agreement


q       The reports that your company obtains from MSI Investigations may not be offered for sale, sent via email or provided to a third party under any circumstances.


q       When a report is ordered, you cannot pass this information to a third party either in verbal or written form.This is due to F.C.R.A. regulations that state that a report that could be used in an employment decision is a ďconsumer reportĒ.Consumer reports have stringent guidelines and restrictions regarding their use. See

for more information.


q       You may not provide the report to the consumer directly, unless you have taken an adverse action against the consumer such as denial of employment. In the instance of an adverse action, you must provide a copy of the MVR along with a copy of the consumerís rights under FCRA (available on our website at and provide them with MSI toll free phone number (as the consumer reporting agency). The consumer may request a free copy of the report, in the case of an adverse action.

q       Anytime an employment record request is made, a signed release by the person for whom the report is ordered must be received and kept on file by the requester ordering the report for a period of 5 years.


q       For employment purposes employers will not receive personal information on driverís record and must enter first name, last name, driverís license number and date of birth to receive reports.


q       Federal Laws regarding appropriate uses of MVR are available on our website at


If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact us at 1-800-639-8601.


I have read and understand the above requirements and understand that I am responsible for complying with any applicable state forms, and any and all state/federal laws or regulations.


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